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melting hdpe plastic health concerns? Answered

I want to do some vacuum forging (from another instructables) and i was thinking about melting milk jugs for it. if i heated them with a blowtorch would it emit bad fumes into the air, as long as i didint burn it?  I would do it outside and im 13 so i dont want to mess myself up.  if it does make fumes, would a respirator with a fine filter stop them?


PE burns cleanly without any nasties, because it doesn't have any chlorine, or worse, fluorine in it.

Better to melt it in an oven.


5 years ago

You could use a hydrogen flame that would not scorch the melting.
until you get careless and burn there is no poison.

But I like hot air instead it is easy to adjust for melt but no burn and no risk.
In fact I weld Plex with a narrow hot jet of air quite as well as metallic welding

The other is a full area radiant electric heater.