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micro camera for Rc planes Answered

If been wanting to film some of my Rc flights iv been thinking of two ways to do this: A.) buy a mini camera (not wireless could cause interference with other planes or mine although it should only affect 2.4GHZ or spreed spectrum channels which are designed to handle this kind of interference but i dont want to cause any accidents) or B.) Buy a cheep digital camera and mount it to plane

Things to consider:
Any thing will add weight to the plane which will affect balance (to solve this add weight till balance)
I want to avoid wireless.
How to power; battery's weight a lot and take up lots of space
Size of camera
If i do use micro camera where will it record too?

Dose any one have any suggestions or ideas on the best way to do this on the cheep?

i found a Camera called the flip video camera it has every thing iv been looking for its cheep about 150$, has a tripod mount, records 60 min of video, comes with editing software, runs on 2 AA batteries, and has a small (1.5inch) Lcd screen


Not worth it!

get one for $30 at rite aid/cvs

see this instructable and this website

rite on!

Sweet thanks. i never saw that. i have a Zogi (its outa commission at the moment but with a pit of epoxy and it will be good as new)

Oh, the "flip video" thing looks just like the rite aid model, just tweaked a little. the nerve of some companies to rip off customers....

Whatever model you get, remember to make sure you can actually get your videos off it. IIRC the original CVS couldn't connect to a regular PC, you had to use it once then pay to get it "developed" onto a DVD (until, of course, someone hacked it, but it was quite an involved hack).

actually, all you need to do, it take it apart, and solder some wires to usb. there is software some were on the web.. i just haven't looked,

That flip camera is expensive!

I just use a cheap micro camera from my favorite auction site. It's 20 bucks, and smaller than that.

My brother does RC helis/jets/planes. He does it with one of those $30 disposable video cameras from Wal-mart/big pharmacy chains. You can search the net to find the hack that lets you build a usb connection to download the video and reset the unit. Cheaper way to go if the thing goes down in flames. Good luck and happy flying.

thanks its a lot like the Flip Camera cost about $150 takes 60 min of video has built in usb its the size of a cell phone. I dont know how id mount it on the plane. The Flip has a tripod mount so that would be easer. (SEE pic above)

if all you want to do is take video than all you have to do is stick a bolt in the front of your plane so that your camera can screw onto it! As simple as that! For safty reasons you might want other things holdiny the camera down.

How big is your plane? My school has a plane about 4-5 feet long and they mounted a camera on the front thats roughly 3"x1.5"x2.5" and it works fine. Btw how are you going to take the picture? My schools camera just takes one every 3 seconds. This could easiy be modded into anycamera with a 555 timer and a relay or transistor.

i just posted a pic of the plane i will use (Soarstar) it has a brushless set up 2100 Miliamphours 11.1 volts (i forget motor size its the equivalent to a speed 400) its a park flyer trainer with this set up it goes strait up and can preform loops. Wing Span:44 in

lol, that's the same airplane our school has. for the camera I wouldn't use a high quality one, in case something goes wrong like your camera falls off or you crash, etc. I would suggest getting a cheap 2.0 megapixel camera, modding it, take out the screen, make a 555 circuit to make ait automatically take pictures, it'd be cheaper, lighter, and more battery efficient than a servo motor.

a servo would use little power but i intend to just use the video function.and just take short flights. this plane is just somthing i mess around with i have a electrifly ucando 3D electric and a Electrifly reflection 3D flatout biplane 370size (converted to bushless) just an idea i came up with but maybe using solar panels to help power the camera