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microcontroller based automatic four way traffic control Answered

I am given a project of "microcontroller based automatic four way traffic control"
I have no idea where to start it. Can you please guide me about it's diagram and program code?
What are the reqirements for it's hard ware completion ?

I shall be very thank ful to you.




8 years ago

Is this for a school project, or something similar? If so, these are thequestions that you're supposed to answer, not other people. If not, andthis is for work or a municipality, then you should already have thattraining, or an engineer to assist you on this.

I just want to put that out there before I go any further. Instructablesis not a place for someone else to do your homework.

The place to start with this kind of project is what is needed to makean automatic four way traffic control? You'll need a way todetermine where there's traffic, and what traffic takes priority. You'llneed to find a microcontroller that will be able to meet the needs forthis kind of project, and how to program it. As always, I recommend theArduino. It's a good kit for just about anything, especially if you haveno experience with other micros.

yes it's my school project. i have to make it hardware.. can u tell me how to program my 8051 microcontroller ?

I doubt it would help much if we wrote the code and gave you a circuit diagram- you could repeat it for a working system but wouldn't understand how it worked.  A more sensible way to approach the problem is break it down into simpler problems with a simple answer.

The basic hardware you require are the twelve LEDs you mention, resistors, a microcontroller capable of providing enough digital outputs, a power supply and some way to wire it together (stripboard or breadboard are better than just soldering wires together for this sort of task).  You will also need a way to program the microcontroller.

If your microcontroller needs to control four sets of traffic lights with three LEDs, it will need twelve independently-controllable outputs.  Does yours have this many?  If it does, connecting each to a resistor and then the LED should let you light the LED with the output.  If it doesn't, you could get away with fewer (I can think of a way to do it with six) but that will make the wiring more complicated.

The requirements are quite simple so the way you write your program will depend on the language you are using.  The program could take the form of a simple loop

loop {

where each of those lines beginning with "set" is a short routine to turn the appropriate controller outputs on or off.

That's a simple breakdown of the project.  These should prompt you with more specific questions (how do I set pin 8 to output 5V or 0V, what is the code for an endless loop and so on) which you can investigate further.

hi friend, i m the student of engg.,i m doing the project''traffic controller by using micro controller''.i need circuit diagram and block diagram urgently,plz send it fast.

I do not know what the actual requirements of your project are but:

1. You need to understand what rules are in place for a trafficintersection.  Is this just two one-way roads that cross each otheror is it two bi-directional roads that cross each other at theintersection.  Hopefully you do not need to deal with pedestriansignals either.

2. Go out in the street and observe the traffic control light that is inplace at such an intersection.  See how the traffic lights are litand in what sequence.

3. Go through a simulation on paper to flowchart out the differentsituations of which traffic has the right of way and which needs to besignaled to stop.
You can then determine if your circuits are based on timing or sensorsto control traffic.,

4.  Once you figured out what needs to happen on paper, then youcan start getting the required electronics to flash, light up, or sense traffic.

Good luck.

thanks for your reply..

i just need to Switch on One by One 4 Traffic Lights .

1. Red, Yellow, Green (A)
2.Red, Yellow, Green (B)
3.Red, Yellow, Green (C)
4.Red, Yellow, Green (D)

these 4 set of lights should be switch on in such a way.

set (A), becomes yellow, after 1 sec, it turns to Green  while other three sets of lights remains at Red.
then, set (B) becomes yellow, after 1 sec, it turns to Green  while other three sets of lights remains at Red.
and so on ....

it is very simple but i need to know that what kind of parameters i require. like, transformer, led's, bread board, microcontroller, etc.... ?
i need block diagram and program code by which i can program my microcontroller ?

i hope you will get it....