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microwave oven capacitors for sale Answered

I have some microwave oven capacitors and  transformers that I would like to trade or sale.

Iam interested in radio parts ( crystal head phones, vacume tubes ect.)

I just don't have money for shipping


I want 4 of them, but is there anything else you would trade for?

I think they will fit in a $6 flat rate box.

I just dont have any money for shipping them to you if we were to make a trade.

Iam looking for radio parts crystal head phones, vacume tubes ect.

I would be willing to pay the shipping. What type of transformers do you have? To trade, I have some 2 pin miniature vacuum tube diodes from a TV and I believe I have 1 ceramic head phone. I also have a huge assortment of various capacitors if you're interested.

I have some modern flyback transformers, a 16 volt door bell transformer and some microwave oven trannsformers.

Iam very interested in the vacuume tube diodes and the head phone.

theres a photo of what I have at the top of this page.

After a bit more research, I guess they aren't vacuum diodes. They are either spark gaps, neon tubes, or some other light emitting tube. The headphone is newer. This is it here http://www.goldmine-elec-products.com/prodinfo.asp?number=G16242. Don't know if you are still interested. The tubes are here https://www.instructables.com/community/Vacuum-Tubes/. How much would it be if I were just to buy some of the items shown above?

the tv and the scr in the plastic tube are $10

the flybacks are 1.50

the microwave oven trannsformer is $3.00

the rest I just want a $1

I can fit almost every thing here in a $10 flat rate box ( except the tv.)

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