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microwave "anagram" Answered

I have that maker-ish compulsion to disassemble any and every broken or otherwise defunct appliance, gadget or device. For example, my microwave just "went to sing with the choir invisible", so I have begun turning it into a pile of parts. I got to thinking- as many of you must have doe before- "what can I do with this stuff?". Just like anagramists take words and shuffle their parts (i.e., letters) around to make something(s) new, different and/or clever, I'd like to try to do the same thing with my old appliance. But more generally, I wish there were a database of appliance "anagrams"- a list of clever projects classified according to the appliance from which the parts come. Anyway- if anyone has an idea what could be done with an old microwave (I've got my eye on that big capacitor...), please hold forth!



9 years ago

if its a carousel one, you can use the motor. (I think)

Nice idea. 1. Create the database 2. Establish a following. 3. ???? 4. Become the next Eric Wilhelm.

Umm there are loads of projects involving microwaves innards, such as welders... As for the anagram I like that idea...