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midi organ type thing Answered

hello. love this site - have done for years but this is my first post...so, hello! um, i would like to hear from anyone who might be willing to talk with me about building an odd midi organ (?) based instrument. I had the idea for this years ago and it has become clear to me that I will never get around to making it. Of course I would pay good money for anyone willing to make it. To find out more / start a discussion, please email me - sam AT uncoolsam DOT net. thanks, sam.


i think i know what you're talking about. you either need a midi interface and keyboard with a computer program or sound module for the tones. or you want a nidi controller that looks like an old organ. Which one? Am I even close? Can you stand the intensity? Wait untill next post for the answer!!


10 years ago

Welcome, you should be getting an official welcome soon from the unofficials or the officials. Could we hear more details or get a better idea of what you had in mind? Many here are musicians and are skilled in lots of things and creativity. This is a good forum to post your idea and get feedback.