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minature camera with radio signal? Answered

I am in Model Railroad.  I have purchased a commercial camera kit where I mount the camera in a train engine, send it down the track and the image is sent to my tv.  It has not worked to satisfactorly and I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a DIY version.

Thanks.   HLM.


The camera lense that I am using is about 5/8 of an inch square.  It has an arial, that sends a signal back to the receiver that then sends the signal either to the VCR or TV,  As I send the camera down the track I get a lot of interference.   My railroad is powered by DCC and I may be picking up interference from various items around the layout..  any suggestions..

What isn't satisfactory about it? It's not going to help you if someone tells you how to build something no better than what you have.


Yea, what exactly is the problem you see?  The transmitters are low powered and will often be interferred with by handheld phones, cell phones, any other close powerful radio transmitter like ham or cb.  The are also sensitive to flor. lights sometimes and maybe even your engine motor of some of the other track electrics.