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mobile battery in cheap mp3 player Answered

help me i hv a cheap mp3 player which is not charging now...and i cant find its battery replacement in market... so i am thinking of attaching a mobile's battery(nokia bl-5b which i hv 3 in spare) to the mp3 player as power source ... my question is will it work since both battery gives output of 3.7v ???
and will it give longer playing time my... mp3 player was previously giving me roughly 1 hour of play time with that tiny 3.7v battery... ???



4 years ago

With lithium batteries I can not recommend any messing around with them!

One mistake and they literally explode in your face, especially when fully charged.

Much easier option is to go cordless phone batteries, they 3.7V as well, very small and without electronics - and cheap!

Since many of them are made up from flat cell batteries one can even remove the heatshrink wrap and place the 3 batteries seperately without the risk of fire or injury.


4 years ago

just take a new battery and safely extract out its charging circuit without letting its terminal being short, (you can first ry it with old battery, then only make modifications to thee new one). Now just check for the polarity of the new opened battery with a multimeter and solder it to the battery terminals of your player.


for the first time, switch off the player and charge the battery till its full

now its ready to be used.

Use it happily and mail me its response and backup time at my mail id......narendracircuit@gmail.com