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mobile instructables Answered

a mobile version if instructables like m.myspace.com or slashdot.org/palm or something simmilar


There was instructables app in windows phone store but it got removed. Why?

I was using this app every day and it suddenly stopped working, ando when I wanted to check for update there was no app. Can somebody do something to get it back. Please.

I think HQ stopped updating it as it was too much of a hassle to keep up with android/IOS updates.

i was told there was a mobile instructables. Even though actual pages act Mobile, instructables is not, the instructables app sucks with no Google login, and the site in home page, searches, everything but the actual instructables people post, IS NOT MOBILE. I had to ditch my computer. This is a cell phone and tablet age, where mobile sites are needed. Working from your garage, ect... Where people don't have access to a desktop environment. I love instructables, the people who use instructables, the children who post instructables, the recipes, ( kitchen, no desktop. ) The electronics and how ito's. The woodworking ( garage / shop ) not always access to a desktop. ) If I don't have the convenience to look at your entire site easily in a mobile app, or website, on a mobile device, it becomes an inconvenience just to go to your site. So, I want to go elsewhere, where it is convenient. I dont want to do that, and sure many others don't either. U just can't expect that just because some pages act Mobile, people will just be happy and live with it. Some will. I used to be in website design for years, you have a great following. It may not mean much to u to fix this issue. But, convenience is the way websites flourish. Even if it's only just a few, I'd do my best to make this site 100% mobile. Because in the near future, so many people will want it to be. Thanks for what you have already created, and hope I can come back one day, and view your entire site or a good app ( that u can use 100% like the site, and post things also, and not just view ), in my cellphone, or tablet. Thanks again,


some instructables pages look and work like mobile sites on an iphone


9 years ago

I think I have a forum topic about this somewhere.. Kinda like an iPhone app.

'Ibles iphone app... I'd like that...

i really don't know much about iPhone/touch , but don't you have to pay for apps?...i mean instructables is a bit like DIY and cheap, not spend money to get the same site just portable...(unless of course, you can make it like a penny charge...or even free :P )

Some of the apps cost money, but a lot of them are free. I actually don't have any paid apps.

sorta...but more multy platform

Shouldn't be too hard to do at first glance, except the thing is configuring the site to look pretty and retain functionality in a LOT of different mobile platforms and browsers, rather than just purely making it work at all on mobile devices.

exactly...i think myspace mobile strikes a good balance...i think we would need something along slashdot.org/palm....