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model Bi-Plane, wing span 1.5M, Answered

Hi All,

About 5 years ago my wife started to buy me a weekly magazine which had instructions plus parts to assemble a bi-plane (1930's). It cost appox €600 by the time, about a year, until we had collected the complete set ! 

I never started the project, every issue is as new, ie;  complete set unopened.  The wingspan is appox 1.5M. Ya its a big plane!
If you are interested please make me an offer, say €200 ono.



Folk will need to know where you are, and how much postage will cost...

i'll look into all that. just got exited when i found your web site.


You know, the alternative to selling the kit is to actually use it yourself. After all, you paid for the thing!

(But, if you are selling, I would recommend selling via ebay, or some similar site, to make the payment more reliable and secure - if you send the kit to somebody from this site who does not pay, there is nothing this site can do to help you.)

One could STILL use bill pay or Paypal, even for those in here.