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modifying a digital lcd picture frame. Answered

is there any way possible to take an off the shelf digital lcd picture frame and some how putting a video input onto it. basically making it able to hook up a dvd plaver to it .


The answer is likely no.  The circuit board inside the frame has nothing in it to decode any kind of video you can patch in.  It's not a case of a square peg and a round hole, but a case of a peg and no hole at all.

That said, if you were to only use the LCD from the picture frame and rigged up your own microcontroller solution, then yes...  you could do this.  You could easily quadruple the cost of the project doing this though.  Just thinking about how I'd do it, I can see the whole thing costing $200-300.  I've purchased portable DVD players for as little as $10-20 brand new, and I regularly see them for $50-80.

Still determined to watch movies on a frame?  Pick one up that plays video files from a memory card and convert your DVDs.  Too expensive?  Look for an old laptop or PDA to re-purpose as a digital frame.

well in order to get the picture to the sceen, there has to be signal, of course this signal is still to be pictures instead of what we know as, video, there a two seperate parts on the same circuit, the picture decoder, and the video inverter to be displayed on the screen, think of it as a computer sending video to the monitor, only 1000x less powerful, and in the same case, if you find the point where the signal meets the input, it could be used as an extremely small video monitor, and that is what i'm trying to figure out, to make night vision goggles