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monitor and tv-tuner Answered

Is there a way to connect an old 21 inch monitor with 5 rgb+hv bnc connectors and an external tv-tuner to watch television with?



11 years ago

You can use a de-modulator to convert your signal into standard analog video through RCA or S-VIDEO connections, then you can use the decoder Vegas mentioned. I recommend the following device:


I have been using it for a while to watch TV (using the tuner on a DVD player) on a 19" LCD Computer Display. The video quality is good... the sound, on the other hand, gets a bit noisy, so I sent the audio signal directly to a mini-component bypassing the box. Hope it helps...

You would need to decode the TV receiver's NTSC or PAL signal to VGA. There are various circuits and chips that can accomplish this as well as premade devices. There is no simple way to do it though.