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moray valve and free energy generator? Answered

does any one know the working of thomas mory valve and his free energy generator that create energy from cosmic ray
and can any one know how to replicate his experiment



I know it won't work!

Oddly I guess i am - how did you know that?

However a belief in a superior being isn't necessary to use the benefit of a good scientific education to know that "free energy" devices such as this have no level of validity in the universe as we know it.

PS name calling is against the spirit and principles of this site - although I may disagree with some of the posters here i don't try to belittle them or attribute them with meaningless labels of a purely arbitrary nature as a way of defeating their arguments.

PROVE God or free energy or perpetual motion to me and I will be converted I assure you.

I should perhaps expand a little - free energy breaks a fundamental law of modern physics and so has never been proven to exist.

Yes you can "tap" radio energy" from the air bu that is illegal and will eventually upset the transmitting authorities.

Your not going to find the philosophers stone so better spend time to look for ways to turn natural energy into something usable. e.g. wind, tide, heat.

In Chicago a buddy who lived next to an AM station had for years of my knowing him a running radio with 4" speaker tuned-to and powered by that same AM carrier power...

The favorite project in my youth was to build a crystal radio set essentially powered by the received signal.

Works great at AM frequency as you well know!

There may be many ways to do that. Sadly most illegal! :-)

then wind your self a really large coil that is resonant at the local high power transmitter frequency, usually commercial or military radio.

Install and see haw long the owners of the transmitter take to find you.

Yes this works and is often used locally to charge things contactlessely, my toothbrush is n example. Not really free or practical.

genius... so you know everything, or mainstream atheists, oh excuse me, physicists know everything, is that why they have a grand unified theory, yeah sure. If you bothered being observant rather than a know it all you'd have noticed the EM Drive NASA tested also breaks a fundamentalist atheist law of physics too. Stop assuming.

See post above for my feelings.

There is nothing wrong with the EM drive. Sadly popularist news papers tend to skip over the boring physics bits for the benefit of their readership.

As Newton demonstrated if you eject any particles the equal and opposite thrust is proportional to the mass a speed of the particle.

If your throwing out ions or electrons then they simply have to travel faster to provide meaningful thrust.

Example of poor reporting: many sources say the Em drive is a propellantless drive, not true the best results come from using argon gas as a fuel source.

An electrons mass is 9.10938356 × 10-31 kilograms Not a lot but mass all the same.


Some guy by the longwave station at Droitwich, many years ago, got caught powering his home from the transmitter.



In the 1920s, Thomas Henry Moray demonstrated a "radiant energy device" to
many people who were unable to find a hidden power supply. Moray called his
device a solid state detector or the Moray Valve (see article below)
consisting of a large antenna connected to a complex series of high voltage
capacitors, transformers, and semiconductors. By stimulating the existing
oscillations of radiant energy from space the device ran for several days
producing 50 kilowatts of power. The demonstrations attracted newspapers and
scientists from Bell Laboratories and from the Department of Agriculture but
none could attest to how the device actually operated nor could evidence of
fraud be found. The device was eventually destroyed by his assistant Felix
Pridgt(sp?), whom apparently was angered that Moray would not sell his device
to corporate interests.

In the 1930s Moray developed advanced semiconductors and transistors.

Moray refused to sell his technology to corporate interests, fearing its
misuse. Moray reported that he and his family had been threatened and shot at
on several occasions and his lab ransacked to stop his research and public

Moray, as Nikola Tesla before him, was unsuccessful in introducing his
devices working on this principle. Some report that his secret was forgotten.
Moray tried for several patents to no avail.

Today T. Henry Moray's sons John and Richard have continued research to
rediscover their father's inventions.

or u coulda just linked the to the article rather than copyright violating it

It's not copyright violation as i attributed the source.

The quote was for the lazy people who wouldn't be bothered t read the link and would continue to insist that fundamental laws of physics as we understand them can be broken.

You also have to ask if this works why aren't we all benefiting from free or almost free energy at this moment?

I only know two things...
1. There is no such thing as "Free Energy" - the term is simply misleading.
We can concert energy from one form to the other, like heat and pressure in an engine into rotation but we can not create energy from nothing.

2. There are a lot of old patents and stories about such devices but there is little actual documentation.
Even if you check the project by the Austrian Schaumberger all you get is some pictures and nothing real to go on.

I am not saying things are impossible but even if they once worked it is next to impossible to replicate them.
For all "serious" projects that ever existed there is also the fact that these people and their machines totally disappeared as they never existed in the first place.
For conspiracy theorists this is enough peoove to say: It worked otherwise the guy would not have made disappear by some gouvernment.
Other people say the guys disappeared as someone found the fraud behind it.
No matter which way you turn it you are lost when it comes to these old things.
Almost all of them have costum made coils, capacitors or what we today call transistors.
We see endless amounts of claims that someone actually made a real "free energy device" but never any proove or documentations to go with.

sigh, is there such thing as an EM Drive that has forward thrust with no reaction that NASA tested and confirmed, yes, there is, go away.

Did you only register to rant in your postings?
Just wondering as I see nothing useful from your side ;)
And good job needing two postings to make no sense at all LOL


3 years ago

Iv read interesting articles based on differences in pressure by micro-variations in deposited metal conductors eliciting a potential that can be used.

I dunno. If you can't find it via the Instructables "let's make" search function, then it is likely no one here at Instructables has tried to make one.

Although, you might try other places. I don't know if you've seen PESWiki,


They have a lot of articles on "free energy" type topics, and also people in their forums who I think are actually trying to replicate some of these inventions.

Here's what they've got for the Thomas Henry Moray,



I am guessing you've already seen the patent,