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more guns, please! Answered

hey there, i'm trying to make a gun that doesnt use knex parts because i dont have any knex. I have a group to post your 'ibles in or if you dont want to join, put a link to them here.



knex guns are silly *hides behind knex barricade to defend against onslaught of insults*

1. dont have knex 2. nobody sells knex where i live 3. too complex... lego is better

how about an air gun? plenty on this site.


10 years ago

Take a gander at these guns.


"Guns" is slang for your biceps in some parts of the world.

Yeah, but you seemed confused at juklop's comment.

show me real guns then. not biceps just guns.

oh, they cannot be make out of knex

that does not have guns