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morror how to make one Answered

how do you make a mirror using a glass pain or a sheet of clear sheet of plaset arilick


The ancient Egyptians made excellent mirrors out of metal. Why not try polishing some metal to a very high sheen? Much safer...

Here is one way to do it... The glass to be silvered must be thoroughly cleaned as the least speck of dust, grease, dirt or finer marks will show and cause you trouble.

NOTE: extreme cation should be use when using chemicals. Read all manufactures labels and warning before using any chemicals.

Now that I read through this, I caution anyone doing any of this to be very cautious. The poster doesn't spell well, which doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about, but it also doesn't make me very secure in what they wrote. This is from a site called Make Stuff

Hmm, I don't fancy all that malarkey - I'd rather just buy a mirror.

"Hmm, I don't fancy all that malarkey..." No abuse intended, but why are you on instructables with that attitude?

I would imagine Kiteman means he doesn't fancy difficult and potentially dangerous kitchen chemistry just to make a mirror- though he may not say it himself he is one of Instructables' biggest non-staff contributors and definitely not an armchair critic. The sheer diversity of topics on the site means we can't be into all of it, everyone has their own niche.

(Thanks, PKM.)

wi_saint: just click on my username to find out why I'm here.

To teach children how science works using only kite and kite parts?

why not just put an incredibly straight piece of foil behind glass or paint i silver with really good quality paint?

Mirror, that's right mirror. Highly polished silver backing, maybe try some kind of foil...

Highly polish the glass, then apply a reflective surface - maybe silver paint?

It won't be as good as a bought mirror (I think they use molten metal??), but it would be an interesting effect.

Maybe just silver plating compound or silver coloured polish dierectly to the back of the glass...

Doesn't silver plating compound need to be applied to metal? I thought there was a substitution reaction.

Oh right I wasn't sure if it was just a simple compound that broke dowm or a substitution, in the case silver polish may work...

I know that they coat telescope mirrors by putting a vacuum chamber around the surface and then vaporising aluminum which coats the surface evenly.