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motor specification for solar car? Answered

i am trying to develop the working model of a solar car . i need to know the exact specifications of the motor that can drive weight upto 250 kg.
and also i need the battery specification that depends upon the motor specification.


Guys help me to get specifications of motor and solar panels for drive the weight of 600kgs for two wheel drive

You know it really help when questioners come back either with information or to say thanks for your effort.


1. Your all up weight is going to be critical.

2. How fast do you need to go

3. What sort of endurance do you need to get through the not sunny parts, how fast do you need it to charge.

4. Are you planning a totally solar system

4. Where in the world do you intend to run this car - What is the sunshine data for that area.

5. Will you expect this to go uphill?

The car above weighs a total of about 120Kg without the driver. About  half of this is battery weight.  The motor draws 20 amps to run at about 26 to 30 MPH on the flat. on the flat the battery lasts about 70 to 100 miles. the battery is an 80 A/hr battery

Your going to need to look for a suitable Lipo battery supply to keep the weight down and a motor that will give you around 500 watts to run on flat ground - twice that if you expect to climb hills.

Existing electric vehicles are a good starting point and you should research into:

Existing solar vehicles
Existing Shell mileage vehicles.
Recumbent bikes
Solar power
Battery technology - especially charging LIPO batteries

This is going to be an expensive project, believe me. More than the cost of buying a reasonable small regular car.

Start with an old Ebike it has every thing you want.