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moved into an old house, desktop computers won't boot? Answered

so here's the deal. I moved into an old house that has copper wire with no ground on the boxes. My girlfriend's laptop seems to run fine but my two desktops won't boot.

The newer computer will come on then power down then come on again and then just sit. My older computer (some 7 years old) tries to do a POST then stops and starts beeping constantly. I looked up the issue and it said that there was an problem with either the power supply or the power coming into the PSU.

I just moved into the house and this started so I'm sure that there is nothing wrong with the PSU in my PC. I thought that maybe there was noise in the system so I bought  UPS and put it between the computer and the wall and still the same issue.

Has anyone else had this problem? cause I'm at a loss. I asked my landlords for help and to get the place rewired and they said they weren't willing to do that or even pay for the electrician.


If the UPS isn't solving the problem -- Well, you just moved. Connectors can shake loose. (A co-worker once fried a machine that way -- it hadn't occurred to him that one of the cards could have gotten jostled completely out of its motherboard slot and be resting across other circuitry.)

Open up, unplug everything in sight, replug it all, and you may get lucky.

If not... well, electronics most often fails when subjected to mechanical or electrical shock. It _is_ possible that moving the machine was enough to cause something that was on the edge to fail. To check that, bring the machine elsewhere and see if it will boot up there. (Divide-and-conquer approach to debugging -- when you have more than one component, see which component the problem belongs to.)

I noticed on the UPS that it's a 350 watt UPS and the PSU of my PC is 535 watts.

the lights dim when trying to power the PC on too

If the lights dim, then the circuit the pcs are on does not have enough amps to run them. Also if your ups is to small you will damage its internal battery by overdrawing it. Likely your circuit box needs upgrading and you may well have aluminum wiring in the house. I strongly suggest you contact a competent electrician to run a ground check, check your wiring and check the total load on the affected circut

+1 (several times over). Move the PC to a circuit that has enough power, or move other things off that circuit until it has enough power.

If Ork's answer did not help then,

You need a dedicated circuit for your computers. It sounds like you don't have enough power going to the outlet.

You also need a proper ground, otherwise power spikes and static shocks have nowhere to go. A ups or surge protector will be of no or little value since without a ground they can't do their job.

Do you have a volt meter to check the voltage at the wall outlet?

. Take the PC somewhere else and see if it boots. If it does, then you have a wiring problem. If not, then see orksecurity's comment.