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movie brainstorm Answered

 Hi everyone reading this I hope everyone enjoys this topic and I look forward to seeing a good diversity of people show up.
Good day chaps



What kind of movies do you make?

I've never made any movies, though I thought it would be a cool thing to do. I just joined to help others out with ideas cause' I do like writing stories so I'm good at coming up with plots.

 what are some of the story themes that you like to write

I don't really have a set theme. The most recent one I've been working on was called Black Sun, but the one before that called Death in Orbit was about a planet that had been slowly being pulled towards a sun over the course of a couple hundred years until it picked up so much speed it underwent the slingshot effect which sent it drifting through space till' it got captured by our suns gravity feild.

But again, I like writing stories on just about anything.

Did you ever see Space: 1999?


This is Gerry Anderson with a budget for real actors (inc. Martin Landau). The basic plot is that the moon is used as a nuclear-waste-dump and a massive nuclear-explosion blasts the moon right out of the solar-system to encounter various space-aliens & energy-biengs (Star-trek-like) etc.
It's Gerry Anderson thinking (and "special" efects), but your idea of planetary-bodies being displaced is similar.


Haha, it sounds exactly like something they would do for a star trek episode/movie :)

That's cool.

Gerry Anderson with a budget is wierd. No matter when it is or how much money he has, he always puts explosives in models and explodes them...


Haha, that's funny. Just like the fact that every hero or evil person has the supernatural ability to make anything behind them explode dramatically :)

 wow! that is really cool you have the science with the coolness were ther any people in your stories

Thanks!!! :)

Oh yeah, there were about 9 characters that played a big part in the story, and maybe 20 or so people that played smaller parts.

 that is really cool i could never write a good story because my grammar freakin sucks 

YEah, I also like the spy type stories. Kind of like Alex Rider and Sure Fire (if you've ever heard of either of those)

 hell yes i have read all 8 of the alex rider the sure fire was ok but the young james bond books are pretty good

THere's 8 now!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought there was still seven!!!! Yeah Blood Fever was pretty good. (is that what it was called?)

 blood fever was the second james bond book silver fin is the first

Yeah, for some reason I don't remember SilverFin real well - but I know I read it.

Yeah, it's on our bookshelf, in fact, I can see it from where I'm sitting. I'll just have to read it again sometime. Right now I'm reading a book called Hunt for Red October. If you've ever seen the movie you'd know what it's about.

 it is a really good book and movie

Yeah, Sam Neil played his part well in the movie.

 yeah there is stormbreaker,point blank,skeleton key, eagle strike,scorpia,ark angel, snake head, and crocodile tears

Cool, crocodile tears must be the new one cause' I only have up to Snakehead.

Cool, I'm going to the mall later so maybe I'll be able to find it :)

 what grade r u in if u dont mind me askin

It's ok, I'm finishing up 8th grade.

 no kidding me to that is freakin crazy i would of never thought

Wow!!! Thanks :)    (if that was a compliment)

 it was i hate writing but i have good ideas but i think it is crazy that we are both about the same age and interested in some of the same things lol

Yeah, that's awesome :) Do you like/play guitar?

 yes i play bass guitar, drums and piano the first one is my main one but the other two I only play if a person from my band does not show up

WOW, you have a band?!!!!!! I like playing guitar, I just print out the guitar music for songs that I like and try to play them. My dad has 6 guitars but he's right-handed and I'm left-handed which always bums me out cause' I can't play em'.

 that sucks what kind of guitar do you have

Yeah I know :( I have an electric guitar, a dark red body with a black pickboard and and a dark wood fretboard. I think it's a Kramer.

 oh the description fits a ephiphone but that is cool

It might be, I'll have to check later. Right now, I'm working on playing the song called "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.

Do you like Boston or REO Speedwagon?

 there pretty good but I like the electronica and some old 80's 90's stuff even though I do like pink and lavinge