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multiple motherboards with one operating system? Answered

i have heard  multiple operating systems linked together to form a 'supercomputer',but it only still has all the operating systems, so my question is multiple motherboards with one operating system?


well my computer is almost as big as the room :) imagine that :D

Exactly -- a render farm, or any other 'cloud' computing cluster does just that -- but it doesnt make for 'one' computer -- each has its own operating system and just crunches numbers for a collective algorhythm. You only interact with one machine really, the rest are just extra cpu brute force.

would the other computer be operational or would it be a slave

Depends on the situation -- you usually operate one computer, which gives instruction sets to the other slave computers.

A mainboard and it's bits form a machine. You can link several machines  together (Re-Design) but to build a single machine with multiple processors, you really need to have hardware which is designed for it.