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mushrooms growing in my garlic plant? Answered

i have an indoor garlic plant and little mushrooms are starting to grow in the soil, is this something i need to worry about? what should i do?


If you aren't planning to eat that garlic, I wouldn't worry about it.

If you are planning to eat it... I would guess that the fungus is most likely to be harmless, but gods only know.

As to what you can do about it: Now that the fungus has settled in, I can't think of a way to evict it that wouldn't leave the garlic inedible, short of tossing the whole thing and starting again with sterilized potting soil.

i did plan on eating it, i guess not anymore, thanks

From what I know about fungi, they will either work symbiotically with plants, decompose dead plants or be parasitic on the plants. If the fungi are not killing your plant, then you should be fine to eat it. Fungi in the soil are normal.

Just to clarify, I meant safe to eat the garlic, not the fungi.

thanks everyone for your answers the actual garlic plant got moldy, and being that it was still pretty small, i threw it out and am going to just start over again.
I guess problem solved

Do you have a teenager living at home who might be doing some "experimental gardening"?


6 years ago

That happens with some potting soils. Just pull the mushrooms out, trying to get the roots if you can, and throw them in the garbage. They won't affect the garlic.

thanks- they are still safe to eat though?

Are the fungi edible?


That's a question that's sometimes hard even for experts to answer, unless the fungus is particularly distinctive. I've been told that "little white mushrooms" _aren't_ particularly likely to be edible, despite the fact that one of the most common eating varieties fits that description, and that beginning mushroom hunters are much better off looking for the more easily identified varieties.

If you aren't VERY certain you know what you've got, I would recommend assuming it isn't edible.

On the other hand, for most mushrooms, _tiny_ quantities aren't likely to hurt you. And I suspect it's just growing on the nutrients in the potting soil -- which, theoretically, might even help break them down and make them more available to the garlic plant. There's certainly lots of fungus outside, whether we see it or not, and we generally don't worry about it when we pick plants from the garden.

So ReDesign is probably right. I'd be a bit uncomfortable, but I am NOT an expert either on fungus or farming. (I'm somewhat surprised my attempt to grow tomatoes is succeeding... probably because I'm mostly staying out of the plant's way!)

Not enough sun and too much water.

Put it in a sunnier location and don't water quite so much. 

It is a fungus but the soil is FULL of fungus spores.  If it were mine I wouldn't worry about eating the garlic.  But I'd wait a week or more and wash it before I peeled it.