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my 1 year ible anniversary! Answered

yay! I made it 1 year strong! I really like to thank everyone who stuck with me all the way, such as oblivitus, The Jamalam, viccie, gmjhowe, Izangi telos, and others that I forgot to mention. I have managed to get 19 ibles and slideshows out (I had more, but I deleted them due to them sucking so much). anyways, Ibles rules, and Im gonna stick around as long as I can, hell, im gonna ask for a pro account for christmas! And thanks to everyone for helping me get the second largest orangeboard on the whole site (right behind Killerk)! Good day ladies and gents!


...And yet somehow, life goes on.

Wow, you really don't know what that meant do you? It meant that nobody cares.

I care. The Jamalam seemed to care. II.13 and J Moneyman cares. Pwned.




Untill you die !

I have a good 85+ years before then. Unless one of you would kill me.

Most people don't live to be 85.

Grandma died at 85. Grandpa died at 97. Other grandpa died at 86. My other grandma is 86 and still living on.

The current would average is 70 years of age.

So? That includes all the little kids who die in foreign countries bringing down the average!

yep, i eat on average 1.862 babies a day.

Im above average. So yeah.

Yep in your own little mind.


If only Michael Jackson had one.... LOL.

Dude, MJ died of heart attack. No gun made from building block toys can save him.

I know. I was making a joke. Jeez.

You made a joke, I reply with seriousness =P

Go look on my latest forum topic to find out whats so special about it.

Why? I once burned a TV with my lazor, I don't see why it can't burn you...

Wait wait wait, YOU can also fire lazors? High five!

Dangit, some b@st@rd splicer just murdered me in BioShock....

Electro Bolt + Wrench on the @ss = YES

how did you find out that your orange board was the second biggest on the site?

It has 1,500+ comments. I have only seen one person with more, and they would have to be very important to get more than 1000 comment on their OB.


9 years ago

Onwards and Upwards! keep it going

Well done! Congratulations!

Hey DJ, happy I'bles birthday. Here's a song that I think you will like, it's called "This Ain't a Scene, it's a Godd**n Arms Race: Ultimate Megamix" by Fall Out Boy, Kanye West, Wayne, and I think Lupe's in there somewhere, correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh and although the original song by Fall Out Boy is an alternative punk rock song, the remix is like 90 % rap, so I think you'll like it. Enjoy!

happy 1 year anniversary! i hope u get that pro account so u don't have to rely on fake pro badges! xD