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my B-days tomorrow!! :-) :-) Answered

well, instructables B-day anyway. so you all better get me something nice!!! (just kidding)


Happy birthday (like three months ago) what did you get

Mines in march )=


9 years ago

=q p=   W

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got you a head of cabbage:


sweet! will that be mailed to me or travel through the computer screen? lol


someones getting coal for Christmas...

BBQ Christmas! Accept, I would have to do it indoors... Black Lung for Christmas!

haha nice. well, i don't know were you live but every once in a while we have green Christmases, though there was that one year i got two feet of snow...(i know your thinking snow day but it happened over winter break, so it really stunk)

Same here. Every once and a while (not often), only a couple of inches come down, and melt away quickly. But mostly snow, and lots of it.

ya, i remember just last year i have 2 snow days in a row because so much snow came down the snowplows could not get it all cleaned up in time for school, and it just kept coming so when they we done the snow had already piled up. and the year before we had maybe 4 inches. lake effect snow....

I don't know why, but even when it snows heavily, school never, ever, closes. The last snow day I remember was in middle school. But then again, that's the last school I went to in the "city". Then I moved farther out.

ya, my super attendant moved here from Texas, so he does not really know what a snow day here looks like. once before i moved here he had school on a day when it was around -5 degrees out side. so because he messed up he did not have school the next day even though it was perfectly fine.

well do you know how much it cost to ship a head of cabbage my cousin tried to mail a head once and he ended up getting sued and the judge gave him 10-12 no wait, that is a different kind of head sorry my bad

Hmm, how about a shocker that will shock you as you try open your gift?

happy belated birthday LOOK WAT I GOTS U


man, i have been saving to buy one of those...

cant believe that ive been here longer than u

Thanks for bumping up an older topic to post something almost irrelevant at this point in time. :-)

There ins't really a reason to bump up an older thread.

awwwww don't be to hard on him he's still learnin thats all

this was posted around some weeks ago. i joined october 3....

here is a b-day present (sry im a little late, its actually posted for you to build)

sniper 001.JPG

Happy Belated BirthDaY

Happy birthday!

haha look a pooping person *rz- first is he head second hands third legs fourth poop

happy bday dsman! heres a bunny: . (V) . (':') . (" ") . " "

congrats):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) any thing you want me to build out of knex

hmm, build me a 20 tall realistic war cannon. and then send it to me by 24-hour mail(what ever thats called) already put togeather. /sarcasm no need, i'm fine.


9 years ago

HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ARE NOW ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats. Dsman is one year old. Meh I got to wait two more months I think. What does it say like Dec 13?


real birthday meaning that today is october 3rd

When's your real birthday?

awww so nice,well i'll do this,..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU *cha cha cha* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU *cha cha cha* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO dsman!!! *cha cha cha* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! (happy happy birthday,from the crusty crew!we wish we had a birthday so we can party to HEY!)

Which birthday will this be? ;) You getting anything good? Having a party? I go to lazerzone or astroturf and play footy, then go to....PIZZAHUT! :D

my instructable birthday, i joined one year ago tomorrow.