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my LG washing machine is making loud noise on rinse cycle what can I do? Answered

I have a direct drive Lg Washer , when it goes into rinse cycle it makes a loud noise. Could this be the pump?


two things r possible,
a- Load in the washing machine is too much+ water, hence only in rinse cycle thier is lot of vibration, because the drum is spinning at a higher RPM (rounds per minute)

b-The four support legs or not even, hence only at rinse cycle u have vibration, take a level guage and adjust the legs with a spanner.
if u still have queries, pls let me know

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Presumably, it's a top load washing machine.

Your load has become unbalanced.

Open the door and redistribute the load to reduce or eliminate the problem.

it is a front loader, modelWD1236TD, it makes the noise when it is going into rinse cycle. could it be the pump?

Sorry I don't know. Mine is a top loader.

look at the post below here...it's possible it's just a relay releasing as the wash cycle completes, just prior to the fill of rinse...idk...

Thinking a bit further....

If the sound is a loud "thunk!", rather than the rhythmic clunkety.clunkety.clunkety during spin that implies an unbalanced load, it could be the transmission switching from wash mode to rinse cycle. Mine makes that sound, and until I got used to it, it was kinda unnerving. I think it's the transmission releasing a cam, ie, a heavy-duty relay either releasing or engaging.

Since I just did a load of socks, I'll be more specific...

The loud THUNK! occurs just after the spin cycle during drain of the sudsy water, just prior to the fill cycle for rinse...sound familiar?

Did it just start making the noise?

Does it just make the noise once or continual?

Is the agitator moving when it makes the noise?

Is the drum moving when it makes the noise?

Does it make the noise when the pump is working?

it seems to make the noise when emptying for the rinse cycle. could it be the pump? If so how easy is it to fix?