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my Optical/Laser Mouse doesn't always "click" on the computer... Is there a possible way of cleaning it internally? Answered

This mouse is somewhatt old but not really abused... It clicks just fine, no sticking or anything... but now it won't always click on the computer... I've noticed this just this last week... in order for it to even register a click on the computer, it sometimes requires me to click pretty hard. What's going on with my Clicker?


Yes, there is. I do this a fair bit. Take out all the screws in the base of the mouse, put them somewhere safe. If you don't want your mouse to fall apart keep them. Them you might have to pull it a bit and you should see the board. Give it a quick blast with a can of compressed air, and just check the switches at the front of the mouse. Then, re-assemble it and with luck it will work. Hope this helps.

Thank you both for your imput. I'll try it out and see what I can do. If the microswitches have failed, I think it will probably be a good idea to invest in a new mouse ;-) Thanks again!

Some of those microswitches just...die :( they're not exactly easy to replace either - if a good blast doesnt clean the microswitch, and it still audibly 'clicks' when you hit the button, its sadly kinda toast.