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my arduino is not recognized by my computer as a device. i need help, one is legit the other isnt any advice is welcome? Answered

one arduino is legit the other fake. when i press the reset button on both the pin 13 led does not light. there is no IC on any one of them
(i'll buy it later). my legit arduino is not recognized by the computer but the other one is recognized. can i please get help, i need to make a quadrotor and need any troubleshooting advice or help. worst case i need to make my own arduino.
Model- uno r3
any advice is accepted.


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Which Arduino model is it ? Does windows not see it at all ? Look in Device Manager to see if its on any other port.

So look in device manager. Try another computer. If it doesn't appear in DM, you have a dead board.

Your question is confusing. Maybe you can elaborate a little?

Just cause the L led isn't blinking doesn't mean its not working. If you try to upload a program with the IDE and the program is giving messages THEN you can say its not uploading.

In the end the L-led is just a simple Led connected to the Arduino's Pin13. If you have a program that doesn't use pin 13 then the led would never get active.

To test your arduino if its working normally. Connect it to your system. Run the arduino-IDE software, Load the Examples/01.Basics/Blink and press the "upload" button. The IDE should then Compile and upload. if that goes correctly the Arduino will restart and start blinking the L led as per its programming which does nothing but turn Pin13 on and off continously.

well the problem is my computer itself does not recognize it as com12 or com14.

hmm. Well if you are using a arduino-Uno for the first time ever on a system the system will not recognize it. Instead "hopefully" the system will say it found new hardware but is lacking the drivers. which have to installed manually in the case of the UNO

Have you followed this starting guide yet? it goes through the initial setup of a uno for the first time.


Try on another system to be sure. If that doesn't work your board may be dead.