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my boardband is not WIFI use add wifi help plz ? Answered

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Best Answer 6 years ago

Use a wireless router and a wireless NIC. If I understand your question right, that will add wireless to your existing network. A question written clearer might help.

my home have boardband is not WIFI add wireless to home iphone and laptop more ?

OK, that's rather simple. Just get a wireless router from your local computer store (avoid RadioShack, they will not have a good selection, and will be overpriced), and then take the plug from the back of your computer that looks like a large telephone plug (it's a RJ-45 unless you use dial up), and plug that into the port on the router that says "Internet". Then take another cable just like the one you just plugged in (routers normally come with one, if it doesn't, go to the store you got the router from, and ask for a Cat-6 cable), and plug it into any of the other ports on the router. Then take that cord, and plug it into the back of the computer where you got the first cord. Then plug the router into the electric. (router will come with a plug.) Once this is completed, see your routers owners manual to find out how to set a WPA-2 pass phrase. Also, you might want to change the SSID (name) of your network.

Congratulations! You now have WiFi! :)

Have you got a wifi card in your PC ?