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my brother is building a recumbent motorcycle (feet first) can anyone recomment a good tech manual for this? Answered

He is a low tech sort of guy so hard copy manual is best, but not essential. oh time is a factor as his birthday approacheth!


Check out some of the existing FF,cabin motorcycles that have been built.Start with a 1/6 scale model of yourself and start designing .Google sketch is a good place to start.

Alot of mopeds (e.g. Vespa) allow you to sit in a recumbent-similar position. The engine is under the seat, only the steering column (and in some cases the radiator) are in the front. If I'd try this, I'd build off an existing junk moped frame.

Try rqriley.com or 3wheelers.com !

In my opinion ,  a "boxer" engine (bmw , vw or subaru " would be a good startin' point !!!


8 years ago

 There's nothing wrong with building the thing himself as long as he uses good construction techniques. 
Atomic Zombie has plans for recumbent bicycles that could be adapted to use as a motorcycle. This may be the only source out there. You could also refer him here for online collaboration. 

A recumbent motoecylce is going to be a custom job. The only motorbike frames that are long enough to accommodate a recumbent look will be a custom weld. Professionals are expensive, and a home-job is not really recommended.

Luckily, there's a large community of people whom have successfully moded scooters to achieve the same look, a search for akira motorcycle (Kaneda's motorcycle from the anime movie Akira) will show you the results. See if you can ask the author of one of the completed projects for reference materials.

A scooter is a wiser choice than a motorbike for a recumbent. Once stripped down it's easier to work with and will achieve the same look in less time.
When your brother is done take some photos and share with the rest of us!

hmmmm the only thing I know of is atomic Zombie. Thats for Bycicles but im sure you could Improvise or just search instructables!