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my brother thinks that horror games have only opera and not classical music is he right? Answered

we were arguing about the music in obscure the aftermath and I think it has both classical and opera am I right#



Best Answer 6 years ago

Actually they use music from numerous sources, including operatic, classical, pop, rock, hip hop and others along with original scores.
It mostly depends on their budget and the mood they are trying to set.


6 years ago

How many horrors has your brother played in in his short time on this world.

I would think most games would pick music tunes that do not have a copyright to contend with.

A.. -.-. . -. --.

Does it ONLY have opera and classical?... No.

Does it have both classical and opera (as well as other genres)?... Yes.

So tell him he's wrong and you get partial credit. :-)

If the trailer is any indication then it doesn't even have opera music. Opera music tells a story. The music in the trailer is a classical style with angelic like singing in it. Its neither classical or opera. Just because you hear string instruments and some singing you can't understand doesn't mean its classical or opera. All you hear is string instruments playing ominous music.