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my chrysler 300 is stuck in park, what is a cheap way to fix this problem? Answered

my chrysler 300 is stuck in park, what can i do to fix this problem but not spending alot of money



It is your vin module that has gone. I had the same problem and it was because of that little module (the brains of the car essentially) blew. Apparently, Chrysler hushed up the recall on 300's for that very problem.

Look on the panel that's around the shifter. There should be a little, penny-size plastic panel that can be popped off with a knife. Under that should be a small plastic button. This is the shifter override button, if you hold it down with a pen/key/whatever you should be able to move the shifter.

If the problem is with the key, try turning the steering wheel or: hitting the key lightly with a hammer. Seriously, that's what the dealership geniuses told us to do when ours got stuck.

If you can rock the car back and forth you might get it unstuck. It's harder to do if it's mud than sand. At least if you're stuck in a park there are probably people around to help push. If that doesn't work the you probably will have to get a tow truck to pull you out and that will cost some money.

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. First, determine if it is the transmission, the shifter, or the linkage that is stuck.

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