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my computer bios error. can i fix it? Answered


i have ddr2 intel motherboard ,model no-dg31pr

i already update same bios to my computer because intel do not have updated bios, but it's not work 

the problem is-- Computer turns off without warning , after  tuning it on again  temp error message showing with beep sound ... but temp is ok 35c-40c showing 


it's bios error. i brought a new mobo. i hate my old mobo damn it

I'm with the other answer, if the PC starts up and then show you error message, then it's not a BIOS problem. In general, BIOS problems doesn't let the PC turn on at all. Maybe you could try to open it, cleaning it very well, placing it in a ventilated zone and getting off some of the not-so-important components (Video Card, CD/DVD Driver Unit, etc), then turn it on again and see what happens.

If the pc posted bios and started up into the os then its not a bios problem.

How long does it run before crashing? could be the main heatsink on the cpu has loose clips/not seated properly/thermal paste has gotten old and dried up.

Its easy enough to remove the old stuff with methylated spirits and apply new paste.


4 years ago

Open the case and run it with it open. Then if you can ge a cheap IR theometer take readings of the components and the heatsinks. If you don't have a thermometer then ground yourself to the case with one hand and then touch the components and heatsinks with the other hand. If its to hot to keep your finger on it then it is to hot.

The computer isn't going to power off because of a BIOS problem. It will not boot if there is a BIOS problem. If the BIOS is indicating a temp issue after the system reboots then there may be a temp issue. When was the last time you opened the system up and cleaned out the dust? May be a good idea to do so and check that all the heat syncs are seated correctly. Even if the temps are not showing too high their can still be temp related issues. Such as solder joints on the board being bad and coming loose as the system heats up. Could be very hard to narrow down the problem on this.