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my computer has a blue screen with writing how do i fix it? Answered


i have now reinstalled xp and it works but when i try to instal 7 is says cannot boot from cd (code 5)

When does it blue screen, at boot up or at a random in operation? Have you recently installed software or hardware? Can you try to boot up in safe mode (what operating system do you run?). Assuming you have XP... as the computer starts to boot up press and hold the F8 key... if running in safe mode allows you to use your PC then there may a driver or service causing the computer to blue screen... If you have recently installed software, uninstall it... again if you have installed hardware, uninstall the drivers associated with it... let us know how you go... :)

What does the writing say?

Websearch "blue screen of death" or "bsod". In particular, websearch some of the mystic numbers on that screen. They *may* be meaningful enough that there's something you can do about them.

Otherwise: Something Crashed. Reboot. Make sure all your software has the most recent patches. If it happens again, try to keep track of what you were doing when it crashed and suspect that this program may (or may not) be involved in the problem. Consider backing out any programs or device drivers you added recently, to see whether they're the cause.

If that doesn't do it for you, get someone with more experience to look at the machine. This is not something which can easily be diagnosed remotely, or that we can easily talk you through.

Do you have a picture of it?