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my computer is idle it beeps then shuts off as if im working the cpu to maximum but there is little activity WHY?!? Answered

custom built PC,
wndows xp service pack 3
system specs on request
bios pheonix award workstation bios v6.ooPG



8 years ago

possibly failing power supply. Increased activity means increased power demand. If you're running on the edge, it could be enough to cause failure.


8 years ago

1. Check capacitors on motherboard, If they are domed and/or leaking, you will   .
    need to solder in some new ones.

2.Check to see if power supply fan , heat sink fan, and  case fans are working.
   With  a dead fan a pc will sometimes work properly until things overheat,
    then the pc may turn off or do screwy things.

3. Check that the heat sink is properly secured.

4. Eliminate your Operating System as a suspect. Try running a Linux Live CD.
    Puppy Linux seems to work  well for me.
    Put the live cd in your cd drive and set your bios to boot to a cd.
    A live cd runs completely from cd and pc memory and will not make any
    changes to your  current O.S. If the Linux Live CD runs flawlessly,then you know
    there's a prob with XP.

5. Download UBCD .It will help you make a diagnostic cd with lots of programs to
    test your system.

6. When you finally fix whatever ails your computer, run a disk check to make sure
    that the unusual shut downs didn't mess up  the file system on your hard drive.


8 years ago

Three-finger it (CTRL+ALT+DEL) to bring up Task Manager, check the Performance tab for memory & CPU usage. Check the networking tab for network activity. Click the Processes tab, and sort by User Name (click, click again on those words) and do the same on CPU.
If you don't find anything - check the cooling works, and check power management settings (Settings - Control Panel - Power Options)



8 years ago

I would check the Task Manager and see how many processes you having running in the background and turn off  those you are certain you don't need. Then run a full virus scan, clear out all the Temp files and cache. Uninstall all the programs you don't need or use and then, if you have *CCleaner, run it and clean your registry, and lastly, de-frag the HDD.

*If you don't have CCleaner you can get it here for free, (it is one of the few that actually does what it claims):