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my dog chasing a cat? Answered

we have a German sherpid mix and he is a few years old. and then we got a male cat and he was fine with him. then just recently we got another (female)cat a few weeks old she was born in the wild and she was the only one that took a likeing to people over the others and the dog will just sit there and lick and sniff her if were hold her down and if we dont she runs away (the dog runs after her)to hide when he cant get her and he will bark and growl and not go away after a few commends
and my mom wants to get rid of the cat witch i dont want to happen and i dont want the cat to live a life of terror



Best Answer 8 years ago

show your dog who is "boss" someone needs to be alpha-male and condition behavior. (the kitty isn't the problem)



8 years ago

THe dogs Loves the cat. You're just going to have to train the dog to leave the cat alone. You can try putting "bitter yuk" on the cat and see if that keeps the dog from licking her. Bitter yuk is a spray that is safe for dogs and cats that tastes bad. I get it at the pet store and spray it on lamp cords. One of my cats likes to chew lamp cords.