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my drive is dead in my creative zen micro what type and brand of CF card should i use to mod the player? Answered

the drive went in my micro zen just need to know what brand and company I should get the CF card from


I have now tried a Transcend Extreme Speed 266X 4GB compact flash and it doesn't work either. I'm going to stick with my SanDisk Extreme III 2GB because I'm tired of buying and trying new cards and failing.

When my Creative Zen Micro's drive died (about 6 months ago) I had a SanDisk Extreme III 2.0GB compact flash card laying around. It seems to work well for me, although a little small on capacity. Recently, I have bought a RiDATA Lightning (233X) 4.0GB compact flash card to increase the capacity back to nearly original size, but the RiDATA card doesn't work in my Zen Micro. I still haven't found another card that works yet.