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my earthquake 43mc tiller starts but won't stay running? Answered

 I pressed the prime bulb, but there's just air in the tubes. I closed the valve on the gas cap, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?


NO the problem most likely is that your carberator is dirty, Even if a tiny bit of dust or anything gets into the carb, it will plug up your jets not leting fuel get through. This has happend to me several times before, you will have to take the carberator compleatly apart and soak every piece of it in either paint thiner, laquer thiner, mineral sprits, alcohol, or carberator cleaner. After that poke a thin piece of wire or a paper clip through all the holes in every part to get any remaining debree out. You can then put it back together. Just make sure when you soak it not to put anything rubber in or it will get eaten away by the solvents.  

                        gook luck

More symptoms please:
What is the exhaust like?
What happens when you increase throttle?
Also - what have you done about "there's just air in the tubes"?


 see, that's the prob, I don't know how to bleed the air out of the gas line. Am I supposed to keep pumping the primer? 
I start in choke mode, pull three times, get a start, but when I pull the throttle( I am guessing here, the handle that makes the tines move) it dies. 
It hasn't stayed running long enough to see anything unusual about the exhaust, and what's weird is that I ran the thing for an hour about a week ago (before I broke the recoil assembly), remixed my 2 part gas, and refilled, that's when it got "stuck". Could there be too much/ too little oil in the gas mixture? If so, what then?
Thank you in advance, I'm sure you're tired of answering questions about this machine :)

Hey man! I have the same cultivator and just finished using mine for an hour or so in our church garden. These cultivators are lower end, so that's the first thing to know. Second, there may be air because on mine the gas lines are at the very top of the tank (no idea why), this means unless your tank is all the way full you will just suck in air and then eventually the motor will stop because, guess what, gasoline engines need gas. Has to be like 95% or more full. Mine is also always difficult to start--even had to the replace the pull string after I broke mine trying to start it this last March--add "Stabil" to the gas mixture in the tank. Add about 1.5 Tbs. Too much and it seems to weaken the ful/oil mixture, but without adding some mine is just about impossible to start.


8 years ago

I've got the same tiller and have replaced the primer bulb several times. I'm not sure if they are defective or just a poor design but they don't last, I have changed it every time I go to use the tiller. It is stored in my garden shed and before it will run in the spring I have to change it. In the fall again before I can use it I must change it. I've even used it in the morning and a couple hours later it won't run and I've had to change it again. They are a special primer bulb made just for this tiller (carried at Northern Metalic's saw and pump shop in Dawson Creek).

 Thank you all for tips- I cleaned the filter and carb, also drained, remixed and refilled the gasoline, perhaps I had mixed wrong, but either way, it started up, rough at first, but got running again. I will be trying it out in a few minutes!

It must be a two cycle engine.  You should have the mix right or it runs rough.  You also have to let it warm up for maybe as long as a minute running on choke before it will take the throttle.

Make sure the plug is clean.