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my embouchure on the trumpet is messing up after 6 months... no lip pain just need help? Answered

it's been 6 months and my embouchure just... flopped. I can't find the right spot to put my mouth on anymore. help please.


What Mr. Bean says is true. Being a trumpet player myself, I know that playing too much can mess your embrochure up...one of the many hazards of loving your instrument! : ) Always in moderation, right? -Trumpet

Brass emouchures can be tricky. What is your practice routine? How much do you play? What kind of mouthpiece do you use? If you just started 6 months ago, I would suggest taking it easy on your face. The key is to give your muscles plenty of time to adjust to being used on a daily basis in a way that is fairly uncommon. If your face gets tired while you are practicing, just set the horn down and come back in 15 minutes. Also, try buzzing into the mouthpiece without the horn. The vibration all comes from your lips, the horn is merely an amplifier. Use as little pressure as possible to get a good sound and play around with it. It should never feel like you're jamming the mouthpiece into your face. Be diligent and it will eventually happen. Don't expect to be fantastic at first! haha. Also, taking lessons helps -- even if it is just a single lesson to get you off on the right path.