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my flash drive 'Cruzer Edge 8GB' won't Support in my computer ? Answered

I bought an 8GB cruzer edge to copy some files from an old computer (windows XP) before I wiped it and gave it away.  I plugged it in and loaded all the files to the flash drive with no problems.  When i plugged it into mywindows 7, it worked briefly before i had issues.  I was copying files over and got an error message that the disk had been removed without being ejected.  Now, it won't mount to my desktop when i plug it in.  I can see it in my my computer, so the computer recognizes it, but I can't view/copy any of the files.   any help?

Cruzer Edge:

  Version:     1.03
 Speed:    Up to 480 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer:    SanDisk
  model:Cruzer Edge



Best Answer 6 years ago

How old is the drive? Have you run a chkdsk? Have you looked in device manager to be sure the driver didn't fail?

It almost sounds like the flash memory might have gone bad... It can happen right out of the package, or it might not happen for 5+ years of constant use... It depends on the drive, although Sandisk is probably my least favorite manufactures... I've had nothing but problems with their drives.

Yep, I agree, its probably gone bad. I hope it didn't have the only copies of the files you wanted.

A backup is worth a thousand geeks! ;)

What file-system was it formatted for?


I should have also asked what this business is about "wiped it and gave it away" - might "wiping" have anything to do with the fault?