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my gerbil is sick, what can i do? Answered

One of my sisters gerbils died, and my mom didin't notice it until labout a day after, and she had 3. one of them is fine, but the other remaining one has stopped eating and drinking, and its not moving. we put some sugar water into an eye dropper, and put some in its mouth, and now it opened its eyes and started moving around again, but basically all we are doing right now is keeping it warm, giving it sugar water, and isolating it from the other gerbil. Is there anything i can do, like should i put him back in the cage with the other living gerbil, or feed him something else? please help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

This page seems to have some pretty good information. It suggests that being prey animals, gerbils have a tendancy to hide illness until they are quite sick. That means that by the time they show symptoms, they are probably in pretty rough shape. The fact that two out of the three have been ill is an indication that separating them may help prevent illness in the third.  I would keep it isolated, take it to the vet if feasible, and if not try to nurse it back to health before putting them back together. 

ok,well its actually fine now. what we figured out is that when one gerbil died, the other one got sad, then stopped eating and got cold. it wasn't sick, but it was to week to eat. so we got an eye dropper, and put some sugar water in its mouth. then we warmed him up, and when he got back up to health, it started eating again, andits fine now.

sorry, poodleo - my reply (in jest) was aimed at Lemonie and not you.

In a rare act of repentance, I did a quick search about your plight and I would suggest taking your pet(s) to a free vet service that can often be found in metropolitan areas. But for sure, I'd separate the animals in case it was contagious, but that might be a bit late now.

ok. well, ill keep them isolated, but i dont think takeing them to the vet will help. thak you.


If an animal is sick, and you don't want it to die, get a doctor to look at it. This applies to pets as well as humans.

It may just be missing the other animal, or it may have picked up whatever disease killed the other.