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my hitachi vt m181a vcr is playing back in black and white. what do i do to fix it? Answered



If this isn't a "soft" setting, and bearing in mind that VHS is obsolete, the thing is probably beyond economical reair. Buy a (used) replacement.


Have you tried on more than one TV? Do you use the same TV to view broadcast/cable/satellite? If so, are those inputs coming in color or in black-and-white?

Generally speaking, the players don't have direct controls for "brightness", "contrast", "tint" and all that stuff. They output what was recorded, and rely on the display to deal with presentation.

i have tryed both coaxial and red white yellow rca cables. the main menu has no setting for black and white to color.

There are a couple possible problems:

If the player has the option to output y/pb/pr component over s-video, it may be only outputting the luminance channel (brightness) which appears black and white on a composite jack. Check in the menu settings for rgb or ypbpr, etc.

See in the menus if it simply has the option to output black and white.

Otherwise, it may be broken :S I have no idea after that. Are you using the RCA (yellow white red) or component (red green blue, white red), or rf modulated twist-on coaxial cable plug? (or s-video for that matter)