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my homemade Answered

this is my new homemade it shoots pumprocket minis and stefans around 50 feet. dont know the range on the rockets but it goes really fast with a couple layers of tape on the barrel


good but... why a missile?

Did you happen to notice what he posted at the bottom, the triple barrel one... If there were plans for that, I may have a few ideas... I've built some stuff before, not nerf but other things, maybe I should investigate as the instructable army still need a support weapon to compliment the giant cannons...

this looks easier and has instructions. no need for air canisters and has a magazine :P

I was simply showing how much better a homemade could be. And the one I linked to did have a magazine.

oh, yeah, i saw the magazine part didn't get it.

yeah i saw that last night but i actually like spring powered better cuz theres no co2 to run uotof and no major pumping. sick gun though

boltsniper is a nerf god. all hail boltsniper!

i is teh 1337nes

No actually you said he's a god of nerf.

thats wht i ment, because there are many others(definately not me)

OH MY!!! I thought Boltsniper's gun was gonna be a hunk a plastic. It looks like a real gun. A real sniper rifle for that matter.

yup, like i said, hes the god of nerf.

true......... That definatly would help..... When i went over nerfers house the other day, me and nerfer used it andf it is pretty cool!!! 4/5 stars

well it already glued together and still has a leak(sigh)

Are you using compressed air to fire this off?

yes bu the dang thing has a stupid leak suckface oh well