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my imac g4 won't turn on Answered

i have an imac g4 that i got of one of my dad's friends and it won't turn on.
i have tried reseting the PMU but that didn't do anything.
it only turned in 2 or 3 times after i got it.

###edit### i have tried putting in a different battery, but that mostly didn't work, i turnd it on once since then


This is a very common annoyance with Macs. A Google search for "replace iMac clock battery" should find you several sites with nicely illustrated step-by-step instructions.

If it's still under warranty, take it to your Apple Store and let them deal with it. If not, open it up yourself (carefully!), and look for the battery mounted on the motherboard. That battery powers the internal clock. Replace it. The machine should be fine.

Don't do what I did -- panic and take it to a Mac repair shop, unless you've got $100 or so to drop on a service technician.

Nope, sorry. I'll bet Google does, though; good luck!

awesome thanks!!!!
it has no waranty that i know of