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my kid just droped her nintendo ds lite in the bath tub.what do i do???please help. Answered


. If it does have soap on it, go ahead and rinse in clean water after removing the batteries. Avoid getting the screen and speaker wet, if possible.
. Disassemble if possible. Should be able to find instructions here or elsewhere on the Web.
. If more soap found inside, rinse in clean water. Avoid getting the screen and speaker wet, if possible.
. Daub as much water as possible with paper towels.
. Use a blow dryer on no heat or compressed air to drive water out of cracks/crevasses. If you do not disassemble the unit, this may take a loonngg time (2-3 hours).
. Turn the blow dryer to low heat. If the low setting is hot on your hand, back away until it is lukewarm. Warm the unit for 5-10 minutes (30-45 minutes if still assembled).
. Let sit overnight in a well-ventilated place. A small fan will help.
. Do not get in a rush. You have a slim chance of rescuing the unit if you will get ALL the water out before you power it back up. Don't expect miracles.
. Avoid getting the display wet.
. Don't let the unit get too warm when using the blow dryer. Lukewarm.

well I don't know what to do my ex friend thouw my ds it was still working and I drooped it in water now when I try to turn it on it trys to but it flashes off

Who brings their DS into the bath tub?

actually i dropped my mp3 player in the toilet and it woulnt turn on i just lets it dry for a day then charged it on my computer it worked but the force of the fall poped one of the buttens so i eventually had to take it apart.

Just feel grateful that it was the tub, and not like my son who dropped his into the toilet. It didn't recover from the toilet. Good luck.

take out battery.place in ziplock bag with a cup of white rice.rice is super aborbant and will draw the moisture out of the unit.place in cabinet directly above stove/oven for 2 day to a week.everytime you cook,the heat from stove will rise and gentlyheat the unit to aid in evaporation process.

-similar happened to my cell phone- These instructions are general for any electronics 1. Remove batteries (most important!) and any other power source. 2. Reclose compartment & rinse soap off (if any) 3. dry (mechanically) and open up all hinges & compartments that you can - 4. place in a dry location (a winter day is great... outdoors, even! ...low relative humidity is your Friend!) 5. Leave alone for a day or 2 or 3 ... really ... the longer the better. 6. If you want to try it, replace batteries and turn it on... if there is ANY unexpected performance (messy screen, noises, flash of smoke) remove batteries AT ONCE and continue from step 4. If it responds normally, treat yourself to a tall one... by now you've earned it (what... with all that winging in the mean time!)

Take the battery out. Leave it out to dry for a day or so in a dry place. Put the battery back in and pray. If there is not soap residue and the water didn't harm the battery, LCD, touchscreen or anything, it might still work.