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my knex builder awards Answered

best replicators: trauts,the dunkis, ironman 69 best rifle builders: benfoxg,mepain viccie,the jamalam, darth gecko man,dsman best pistol builders: Iac, viccie,trauts, oblitivius best cannon builders: Iac, winchester shotgun, viccie best shotgun builder: oblitivius best builders overall: viccie, Iac ,mepain,dsman, oblitivius and dath gecko man most innovative builders: mepain, viccie ,IAC ,ironman 69.


:( no one cares about me? lol

Seems sometimes like this site is turning into a popularity contest..

+1 All anyone cares aobut here anymore is ratings and contests and things like that. People say, "OMG, SOMEONE RATED MY GUNS DOWN!!!!1!!111!!" instead of things like, "That's a very innnovative gun, I think you could work on so and so." All people care about anymore is reputation. I'm not on the list, but I don't really care, I'm just happy that I made some pretty good guns.

Same _


9 years ago

i think the the dunkis and trauts should be in the pistol section. Maybe you don't want him on but i think KillerK should still be in the Rifle section. Ironman69 in the shotgun (take a look at the last thing he posted) and Mepain for his Knexmayer (or whatever it was) as a shotgun or a rifle (it was P.A but 1 bullet per shot). you can find mepains Knexmayer at K.I. but that's just my opinion.

killerk did not post a rifle this year plus mepain is in here and the tds wasnt very good.

? The TDS2 is pretty much the best handle loading pistol we have. Traut's glock was basically a modified TDS so you really don't make too much sense.

I said tds. I hate that gun! my brother made it and it jammed more than the jam they make at the smucker factorys! but you said tds2 so I dont know. signed: Knex_Gun_Builder

Lol well then why are you bringing me down just because of the TDS? Strange I never had a jam with the TDS. The only thing that did happen was loading two bullets at once and that got fixed in the later versions. I hate when people obviously didn't build the gun right and they blame me.

I dont think this was a very good choice personally: solekiller should get best shotgun, mepain barely posted anything this year, lots of people appear in most of the categories, and you only credit people on the very famous guns.

solekiller didnt build a shotgun he built a break open rifle not shot gun so cs2 for shotgun.

break open rifle is a shotgun. solekiller made a break-action shotgun, it uses shells.

most guns now use shells! shotguns have spread yes they have shells but they have shotgunshells not normal gun shells but not all shotguns have shells the blunderbluss didnt have shells and a break open rifle is not a shotgun its as simple as that.