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my laptop can't see a wifi connection but my android phone does.. Answered

Please anyone help me.
the problem start when we change the router.. we change the router because it has a limited gadget can connect to it,but
then after changing the router  we notice that the old router exist  so now we have 2 wifi connections the first one is the old connection.. and the second is from the new router..  im just confused , how come it has a two connection, my mobile phone can connect for both available connection but my laptop CAN'T connect to the new router connection but can connect to the old Connection..

i hope anyone can help me 



This process may solve your problem...

1. Go to control panel and look for "Network and Sharing Center" icon (first pic) and click on that

2. This will open the "Network and Sharing Center" panel (Second Pic). On left side you may find "Manage Wireless Networks" just below "Control Panel Home" menu. You can click on the "Manage Wireless Networks"

3. This will bring up a panel with all wireless networks you have installed on your computer (Third Pic). You may also find your old router listed here. Highlight the old router and then click remove. If you wish you can keep the old router also. Now click "Add"

4. This will bring up another panel (Fourth Pic). Select "Manually create a Network Profile". For manually adding your network you should know the Network name known as SSID (Service Set IDentifier). you can find this from your Android phone which is already connected to the new router. You may also require the Security key or password you have setup for the network.

5. Enter the SSID and Password. Now your computer should be able to connect to the new router

Make sure wi-fi on your computer is on...


kind of obvious but turn the wifi switch on on the side of the computer?

shut off the old router.if it is off then your connecting to some other connection,

old router is already removed but still if i'm going to search the available connection its still show the old router not the new one..

I really don't know what happened how it comes its still showed there even if its already changed it

Tell the device to forget the connection. It's retaining it and still trying to connect to it.