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my laptop tells me "plugged in, not charging" what do i do? Answered

just go it back from the computer shop and know almost nothing on computers


shut down your computer then try removing both sources of power and then turn it on if that does work try turning it on unplug your ac adpater wait thirty seconds and plug it back if that does work GET IT FIXED!!!!!!

Return for repair. Clearly they forgot to do something right.

Like put the battery back in? If that's the case, it might also be time to find a new computer shop....

If you've just bought it or had it serviced/modified by "the computer shop" take it back to them. They have an obligation to correct this for you (under those circumstances).


"Plugged in, not charging" is a normal message in some versions of Windows running on most laptops and netbooks. 

Mine says the same thing right now.  "99% available (plugged in, not charging)."

All it means is that the battery is full or close enough to it and that the computer is running on AC power. 

Ah, I neglected to mention that; it will say not charging if the battery is full :)

Your keywords should include words that would help other people find similar problems  "help!" is not a keyword :P

Anyhoo; your problem sounds like the charger circuit in the laptop can't see the battery.  Modern laptop batteries have mini-computers inside them to communicate battery status to the computer.  Either it's not seated properly, damaged, or some other issue.

Does the computer power up while unplugged?  That would infer that the battery does have a good connection.  In this case, it's probably that the charger circuit is pooched.