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my lawn mower has spitted oil form the side and smoke is coming out. what can i do? Answered



have you checked the oil?
make sure it didn't have too much


7 years ago

Hey LAWN, slowly, slowly let go of the mower. Quietly back away for 50-60 paces. Get what you can carry and get the Hell outta town. You can always start a new life, but, you can't start a Dead Mower. Good Luck LAWN1 memjim

The picture was not much use as it's not the problem mower, have you got the use of a camera?
It needs attention, but your description is too vague to advise beyond that.
(see what Re-' is asking)


I assume you tried to post a photo or a video but the file came thru as a temp or something that I can not open.

Is the oil coming from the exhaust, carb or cylinder.

If the exhaust then you put too much oil in the oil/gas mixture.  drain the tank and refill with the correct mix.  That is assuming that it is a two stroke.

If it's a four stroke then you put too much oil in the crankcase and you need to drain some out.  Or you have a broken ring that is not scraping the oil off the cylinder wall any more.

It would help to know more about the motor.

Also need to know what brand of engine (Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Honda, LawnBoy, etc...) and what you were doing when it "spitted" and where it "spitted" from (muffler, oil fill, other orifice). The more info you can give, the better we can help.


.  It's just a generic pic (JPEG, 114x114) of a guy pushing a lawnmower.