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my life is crap help! Answered

ok this is a better version of ahhhhhhhhhh! but im getting yelled at for every little thing i do and i missed 1 day on 09-14-09 i was sick and i would of gone today(15) but i needed books for school and the libary was open till 8:00 and my dads like oh well ill just take you to the f***ing libray and not karate and i felt bad a little and i asked him if he wanted me to get my gear on and then go i would of been a few mins late but who cares and now he will yell at me later "why did ya mis that day" and i would tell him and he would get mad at me i do like karate but i go every day hes there and i dont wanna go every day so in the end how can i tell my dad with out getting him mad i wanna lay back on the karate a little?


Are you that kid in the "Karate Kid" movie where the sensei tells him to beat up the Karate Kid? I'm guessing your dad wants you to be a champ or living his dream through you. Just tell your dad that you enjoy doing karate but there is a lot of pressure building up to do it every day. He may not realize you are getting pushed too hard and it is best to be open and talk about it. Just be honest and let him know. Good luck.

Don't we all. Either suck it up or deal with it. Just complaining does nothing but reinforce your frustration. Make a plan the work your plan. Step back from this particular issue and see if you spend too much time in bed, play computer games for too many hours, etc. The way you lead your life may hold some clues to taking charge. Those who commented on your grammar were right even if they were a bit harsh in their expression of it. Slow down and ease into things and you will enjoy other stuff too. Good Luck

Where's your mother in all this? (Sorry if this is a sensitive subject). It seems to me that there will never be a good raport as long as the language and atmosphere is so charged between you and your dad.
Point 1. Never try and negotiate whilst your dad is angry or het-up. Wait till he's had dinner and feeling relaxed and say" Dad, I need to ask your advice. You want me to come to Karate with you and sometimes Iv'e let you down because I have other commitments, like the library and class. What do you think I could do to sort this out, I'm feeling very stressed. This may sound a bit twee but this approach will be at least a lot calmer. I wish I could intercede for you. Good Luck.

fukin go kamakaze on your dad and tell im that you do what ever u want so dont care wat he thinks about it

Of course, you have to realize that parents are out to get you, and help you in no way, shape, or form.  Maybe you should have tolerated the sickness and gone to school, because your basic grasp of punctuation and capitalization are in need of severe help.

I knew it!
And besides, not everyone has perfect grammar when stressed out.(Not saying that to make fun of you or something)

I'm stressed out, but you don't see me slamming my fists into the keyboard while trying to type basic sentence structures.

Well like I said, not everybody has that much self control. (Again, not making fun or you)

*sniffle*  STRESS OVERLOAD.  GGGRAAAAHHHHH!  *kills cat*

There, I'm good again.

I do not consider the Internet as the superlative position to communicate your existence.

 it will pass trust me on this


8 years ago

Btw... Your life is NOT crap. You're just encountering some basic transitions in life that make you momentarily feel bad. I just hate when people say stuff like, 'F*** my life' and 'kill me now', because the truth is, quit crying and think of some of the kids in africa and other poor places who are fine off the way it is there.

He's right, you'll probably have a better experience if you don't concentrate on occurrences that you don't like. I think a good example for you would be KJ, he's been through some ...stuff. But he still knows how to enjoy life.

Sucks for you bro.

Your life is not crap. Stop overreacting. I used to have saxophone lessons every weekday for two hours and it really held me back on school assignments, activities with friends, and just about everything that I personally wanted to do. Heck I don't even like the saxophone, what I really play is the bass with a little bit of singing and drums. And even then I still think my life is great, I mean I've got loving parents, a computer with internet connection, a TV, lots of food, you know, those things. So yeah, what Trauts said, your life is not crap, stop overreacting. Saying that you should compare yourself to the kids in Africa is kinda stretching things, but yeah, don't overreact.

That's tough. Us loser parents often live vicariously through our kids. If we weren't successful, we'll push our kids, and when they succeed, we'll take the credit. OK, after stretching the truth a bit, I'll give you a Dad's perspective. We want our kids to be successful. We know that sometimes kids are lazy and need to be pushed a little. Especially when our kid excels at something, we think they can be the best! It's hard to let them waste their talent. But in the end, I (personally) just want happy kids who are genuinely good people. So.......Just tell your Dad respectfully that you're starting to burn out a little on Karate, and that you really like it. You want to keep liking it, rather than it becoming a burden. Tell him you need to cut back a bit so you can get re-focused. Then, offer him some kind of hope that you plan to excel in Karate (or something else) soon, when you get all your "stuff" together.

My kids were in Tae Kwon Do. They were pretty good, but I never wanted it to seem like a chore. My wife got her Black Belt, but the kids never made it that far. But they moved on to be GREAT at hunting, fishing, welding, and motorcycle mechanics. I would have loved for them to continue with TKD, but they just didn't love it enough. Once again, it's great to do something you love. If you're not that into it, it doesn't make for a great hobby.


8 years ago

Just tell him how you really feel.

tell him and be ruthless hes tougher than you can make him upset