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my little 366mhz laptop Answered

do you think an AMD K6 366mhz laptop with 64mb of ram could run windows XP?


. I have XP Pro running on a 550MHz/P3/320MB system, but it is slow. The 64MB of RAM will probably kill you - I'd bump it up to at least 256MB before even trying.

That's slow? My computer's from '04 and has 256mb. It's not horrible but its still dreadfull...lucky


10 years ago

*ahem* *cough* *cough* Puppy linux is the best *cough* *hack* *wheeze*

Seriously- I tried DSL, DeliLite and Puppy, and Puppy blows the other two out of the water. A hard disk install on my old 500MHz PIII with either 32 or 64MB of RAM was blazing fast, and it has media players and office software and stuff out of the box. XP is unnecessary unless you want to run games, in which case enjoy your Quake II with those specs.

yea, i read abut damn small linux and its not that good, its like kubuntu.

for plug and play stuff like flash drives pictures and just to mess around with, play dos games and stuff like that, surfing the net

thats impossible

eh, gotta think about it from a hacker or modders point of view


10 years ago

We've got Xubuntu (small-footprint Ubuntu) running on a similar machine....

nacho's right. you need more ram. and why is veryone coughing? allergy season starts in a few weeks.

Gee, I hope you all feel better. So many of you are coughing a lot lately *sneer* LOL

No! Puppy Linux, it's actually a lot better than DSL. (-;