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my machine seems to vaccuum properly but will not shift when finished. what could be the problem.? Answered

The machines are not finishing . I have a vac 300 and a vac 370 both seem to vaccuum but do not shift at the finish. Do you have any suggestions.


When you say "shift" do you mean that the food vacuum bags are not sealing after the air is vacuumed out? If that's the case, then check that the bag is positioned properly into the machine. Some are VERY fussy and can only be placed one way and will not seal if they are upside down (usually one side is smooth and the other has a raised diamond pattern). So try the other way first. If that doesn't work, then please reply with a bit more information, and preferably some pictures. :-)

:-) I think everyone read vacuum and assumed vacuum cleaner...

Not everyone read volts_alternating_current vac :-/

I have NO idea what your talking about. Sub zero here and crystal ball frozen again.

Yes, write a better question. What do you mean by "shift at the finish" ?