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my monitor screen is constantly waving 0r lines r appearing simultanously.some1 told me it the problem of ur cpu Answered



I don't think it's his CPU either.

Start by checking connections and cables. Then do it again. Connections are always the most common failure point.

Then find another monitor to plug in, or another computer to plug your monitor into; that will isolate whether the problem is the monitor or in the computer. (Or the cable, if you can alternate that too.)

If it seems to be the computer, try swapping out the video card.

But odds are that if it isn't a loose wire, or bad power coming in from the wall, the monitor is starting to fail.

 i hv changed two monitors but still im facing the same problem

Sanith-check question: What's next to your monitor? Most CRT montiors are not shielded from magnetic interference. A loudspeaker, or a motor, which is also not shielded sufficiently can do really bad things to the image.

.  Yep. Jiggling monitor cables ranks right up there with reboot-and-see-if-the-problem-disappears.

I'm with you. If this were happening on my screen, the cpu would be the last thing I'd suspect. The last time I had mysterious monitor issues, it was because my wife's evil cat had been chewing on the cable. Little monster also got my Wacom tablet cable....

Is it a big glass thingy or one of those thin plasticy flat screens?


.  All this technical jargon is over my head. heehee